Wholock when Sherlock meets Doctor Who

Cyberlog EF45Edit

Name : Christophe Pantel

Birth : 23 November ( not 1963 )

Age : Unknown ( possibly 1200 )

Nationality : French ( or Kaled )

Love : Comics, Video Games, Doctor Who and Star Wars.

Forum visited : Doctor Who Toys ( knows as DoctorDalek2311 ) , Star Wars Universe ( knows as Rebel Scum ), Fanderson ( knows as ThunderWho ) and Frenchnerd Fan ( knows as VisiteurWho )

Fan fictions : Doctor Who Prisonners Of Omega, Doctor Who Adventures In Time And Space, The Twelve Hour, Star Wars Edge of The Empire.

Fan Videos : Coming Soon

Me and the DoctorEdit

It's been a long time, I 've met the Doctor

When I was eleven my father told me there was a program called

DOCTOR WHO, a spacy timey series that could be cool.

I watched The Eleventh Hour and...

WTF, this series was the best thing I ever seen.

After I watched another and then another.

And now I am the bigest French Doctor Who Fan.