The Great Reset was a very important event in the history of DWT.N/F.

The start of a crisisEdit

In 2013, the forum had been experiencing much downtime due to the outdated server that the forum ran on. In late June, the forum was surprisingly down for a longer period of time than usual. Many members were worried about what exactly had happened to the forum. And nowhere seemed to have answers. Soon enough, a small message was posted on the main site's 'News' page that stated that they were updating the forum and there would be some downtime.

Forum 2.0Edit

On June 28th 2013, the forum suddenly sprang back to life. But to many members amazement, everything had been completely deleted from the forum. Literally everything, every section, topic, post, member, even the little Gif of K-9 at the top was gone! The forum had regenerated into a brand new form, but unlike the Doctor, it had lost everything it once was. This would lead to many problems in its early days....such as the fact banned members could now return....

Teething ProblemsEdit

As with all new things, the new forum had its teething problems. One main problem was that banned members could now return to wreak havok. One notable member who did so was The Dark Doctor, who returned to troll and abuse the forum, he was swiftly IP banned, but soon returned in the form of many alts on a mission to prove that the forum was weak. After many arguments and battles in different topics, A new Mod was appointed - DukeNukem2417 - and he made it his mission to hunt down and stop this hazardous member. Of coarse, he succeded, and TDD was gone. The return of banned members also led to the return of KGF, in the form of Mr.Oswald, to some members dislike and to some members delight.

Another teething problem was the apparent lack of rules in the new forum. Some members took this oppertunity to abuse the previous rules of the forum to which they pleased. This cause many arguments and upset alot of members, numerous comments were made about the lack of co-ordination and order in the forum - this would eventualy lead to voting for new Moderators to help to keep order in this newly spawned caos. Rules and more sections to keep some order were shortly supplied by DoctorWhoToys, although there is still some work to be done.


In the early days of the forum, the amount of arguments raised higher than usual. This was most likely the result of the teething problems the forum was experiencing (see above). Some notable arguments include the many clashings of Dovahkiin,and Doctorsong2013 over grammar in a thread,to which they soon made up and became friendly towards each once again.another clashing was of Iknownewdoctorwhotoys2.0 saying he had inside knowledge of upcoming releases. By the second week of the rebooted forum the argmuent levels had reduced, although many arguments still occoured.