The Dalek Empire
Name The Dalek Empire
Joined January 23rd 2010, 6:21pm

The Dalek Empire (with spaces, as is commonly forgotten) was a member of the forum that was shut down in 2013, and has returned as a member of the new forum.

Forum PrimeEdit


The Dalek Empire joined the forum on January 23rd 2010, making himself known in the Welcome section. Having joined at this time, he can be considered as being a Generation 1 member, albeit not a notable member.


The Dalek Empire had started his own channel on YouTube, but ultimately closed it down for personal reasons. He later started another YouTube channel, EmpireOfTheDaleks [1], where he provided voice samples. He also offered his voice services to fellow YouTubers and members alike for any of their projects.

The Flame WarsEdit

In the Flame Wars, you would not have noticed this member involved in any way, shape or form. Some say he goes into hibernation to prevent any casualties to both himself and others...

Forum RebornEdit


The Dalek Empire rejoined the new forum after The Great Reset on June 28, 2013. He still provides voice services for anyone, as per the previous forum.