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Name MarthaJonesFan
Joined Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:51 am
Aliases MJF

MarthaJonesFan (often abbreviated to MJF) is a Generation 1 member of He is known for his love of pop music (for example Ulrik Munther, see current avatar to the right), and posts more about this than Doctor Who itself.


MJF was a long term visitor to the main site before signing up to the forum not long after it had been created. Initially, the forum has caused some controversy with fellow forum Doctor Who Figures Online and MJF had signed up in order to defend the latter.


Initially, MJF did not post much on the forum due to his commitments to other forums, so nothing major happened in 2009.


2010 is the year that MJF became a full member of the forum, contributing mostly to the General Chat section, despite taking part in discussions throughout the rest of the forum occasionally, including posting a complete checklist of all Doctor Who figures. He became the poster who created what became the biggest thread on the forum - "What song are you listening to right now?". This was used by many members, such as cracks in time, RoseTylerFan99 and KarenGillanFan.

To be continued...