Name Lemonhead118
Joined May 10th 2011, 5:20pm

Lemonhead118 (Often shortened to Lemonhead), is a member of forum who first signed up in the May of 2011 and then again under the same name after The Great Reset of June 2013.

Early historyEdit

Lemonhead118 signed up to the forum on May 10th 2011, making his first post in the Welcome section. He often contributed to the popular Four Word Story and theseventhdoctor7777's thread 'What was the last film you watched?' 

Lemonhead118 was one of the first of many members to receive the Series 6 Wave 2 Action Figures, and along with a few others, posted the first 'user taken' pictures of them. 

Before The Great Reset, Lemonhead118 had accumulated almost 2000 posts, but like everyone else, lost them all and now has to start all over again.


Following The Great Reset, Lemonhead118 was the third member to sign back up for the newly 'regenerated' forum. He now makes regular contributions to the 3.75" Action figure discussion threads, the newly relaunched, 'What was the last film you watched?' and the general discussion section. 

On July 2nd at 10:00pm, Lemonhead118 relaunched The Four Word Story under a slightly modified title.[1]

He is a regualr contributer to the DWT.Net Magazine creating readers polls every issue.

Notable Threads - Post-ResetEdit

Here is a list of the MAIN threads that Lemonhead118 has either created or regularly posts in.

Thread Title Thread Creator - Pre Reset

Thread Creater - Post Reset

What was the last film you watched? theseventhdoctor7777 Dovahkiin
The Four Word Story ? Lemonhead118
Doctor Who 3.75" Action Figure Discussion [2] ? Cyberman
Lemonhead118's 3.75" Action Figure Collection [3] N/A Lemonhead118


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