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The Four Word Story as it appears on the forum today


'''The Four Word Story''' is a thread in which it's creator would start a story with four words and each poster in the thread would continue the story, but they can only use four words per post.

The thread was originally set up on the old forum and had accumulated hundreds of posts, but was deleted due to the The Great Reset of 2013.

How it WorksEdit

The Creator of the thread would start the story by posting four words. The next poster would continue the sentance. This would continue as each person posted.

An ExampleEdit

Poster #1 - The Doctor tripped over

Poster #2 - the big yellow cat

Poster #3 - and shouted out loudly....

Post Reset Edit

The orginal thread was deleted after The Great Reset of 2013, but on July 2nd 2013, user Lemonhead118 relauched the thread on the new forum.