Name Dovahkiin
Joined July 10th 2010, 6:01 pm
Aliases Pandorica, Pan

Dovahkiin, previously known as Pandorica and Regeneration 2.0, is a member of the new forum, who joined on Friday, 28th June 2013, at 3:25pm GMT. Dovahkiin is known for his very strong love of all things Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Lego and Legend of Zelda. He used to be a collector of the figures, but no longer buys them.


Dovahkiin considers himself to be "one with the (geeky) force", and tends to be very sarcastic. In real life, he is fairly short for his age, and has blonde hair and greenish-brown eyes. Being a fan of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, video games and a range of other subjects, he is quick to jump onto threads about said topics, and is always excited to converse with another who shares his interests.

As Pandorica/Regeneration 2.0Edit

As Pandorica, Dovahkiin joined shortly after the Series 5 Doctor Who episode, The Pandorica Opens, aptly naming themselves after said box in the episode. His welcome thread expressed his like for cats and a strong dislike for carrots, which was a peculiar entrance to say the least. Pandorica was a very arrogant and odd member, being good friends with members such as Drsuperwho and Goldsupremedalek , who together along with other members such as DOCTORWHOFAN77 and Who on Earth created one of the first multi-author fan fictions, the Cafe , a series that, quite like Marmite, some people despised and some people enjoyed. Pandorica created his own spin-off for the series, Auditore's Song , based around his own character, which lasted a first series and a special feature of five episodes, which would lead up to the second season. Unfortunately, near to the finale of Season Two in mid-2011, Pandorica departed the forum, having had enough of some members and attitudes of others, leaving the series unfinished. Pandorica would not return to the forum for another year and a half, when he returned on Christmas Day 2012, unexpectedly logging in on the festive day and posting regularly for another four/five months. Deciding to leave on an unscheduled hiatus, Pandorica promised Duke Nukem 2417 , writer of the popular multi-author fan fiction series Kashmir that he would finish his section of Kashmir III , before disappearing suddenly and suprisingly.

Not long after, a new member registered, named Regeneration 2.0. This person seemed to have many similar hobbies to the departed Pandorica, but was never questioned on this. When the forum went down unexpectedly, Regeneration 2.0 returned with most of the other members as Dovahkiin, or "Regeneration 3.0". Soon after, in the 'Icebreaker' thread[1] where members would share certain personal details in a way of bonding, Dovahkiin revealed himself as both Pandorica and Regeneration 2.0, and stated; "I couldn't stay away from this place, so now you're stuck with me".