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Name DalekEmperor101
Joined January 11th 2011, 8:15pm
Aliases theshadow101

DalekEmperor101 is a member who first appeared on January 7th, 2011, under the name theshadow101.[1]

2011 - 2013Edit

DalekEmperor101 signed up in 2011, under the name theshadow101. He posted most of the time, until he went away for a few months due to forum events. After he returned, his account became gradually inactive. By May 2013, he had a racked up a relatively small 318 posts.[2]


DalekEmperor101 signed back up after went through The Great Reset. Right from the beginning, he and all the other members had to deal with returning trolls. He was banned after someone hacked DukeNukem2417 account and banned all members with the words ' has fallen. The Great Purge is Complete'. He was later unbanned the next day.



DalekEmperor101's Signature

DalekEmpero101's signature as made by fellow whovian and good friend ExplosiveCookie

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