Series 7 Action Figures Wave One - 3.75" Scale

In October 2012, Character Options announced that all new series action figures will be made in the 3.75" scale, instead of the 5" scale collectors had grown to know and love. This section is a guide to these figures giving you a look at what has been released and what is going to be.

The first impressions upon the scale change were mixed. Some people were happy about how they could interact the characters with different ranges, and some were annoyed at the change saying the figures would look stupid in their collections along side the 5" ones.

However, since their release in May 2013, they have done amazingly well.

These figures cost £6.99 and the playsets £9.99 - £12.99.

Wave OneEdit

6 Figures were released in wave one. They include;

Eleventhdoctor series7

The Eleventh Doctor 3.75"

The Doctor

This figure was originally slated by collectors due to it's lack of resemblance to Matt Smith, however, many who originally said this, have now complimented this figure, saying, it's good for it's size. A rare version with a darker waistcoat and bow tie is also available.[1]


This figure is praised for being one of the strongest of the wave, having a very close resemblance to Jenna-Louise Coleman. A rare version of clara wearing a red dress is also available. [2]

Clara oswald

Clara Oswald 3.75" Action Figure


Cyberman series7 figure

Cyberman 3.75" Action Figure

Again, this too is praised for being a very strong figure in the line up. A rare version with a blue chest piece and a gun arm is also available.[3]

Ice Warrior

Yet another one of the stronger figures of the line up. An unarmoured version is available with the Cold War timezone set.


This figure is praised for being so much more detailed than it's 5" predecessor even if it is 1 1/4 inches smaller. A black rare version is also available. [4]

Weeping Angel

This figure is quite possibly the worst in the wave as it is often slated due to it's lack of possibility. A rare 'looped' version is also availble.[5]

Time Zones and Other PlaysetsEdit

Since the release of the 3.75" Action figures, Character have released two 'Timezone' Playsets to 

Ice warrior series7

Ice Warrior 3.75" Action Figure

go along side the figures as display stands or mini dioramas which retail at £9.99. They have also released a Spin and Fly TARDIS which retails at £12.99

The timezone packaging confirms that a Hide timezone and a timezone from The Angels Take Manhattan are coming out soon.

Each timezone comes with an exclusive figure or accessory. 

Dalek series7 figure1

Dalek 3.75" Action Figure

Here is a table of playsets that are available or are coming soon.

Weepingangel series7

Weeping Angel 3.75" Action Figure

Playset Price/Availability Exclusive Accessory Picture
Dalek Timezone £9.99 - Out Now Dalek Hoverbout
Dalek invasion time zone playset copy
Cold War Timezone £9.99 - Out Now Un-Armoured Ice Warrior
Cold war playset1

Image by Cyberlek

Hide Timezone £9.99 - Out Soon Crooked Man
Hide playset
The Angels Take Manhattan Timezone £9.99 - Out Soon Cherub
Weeping angel playset
Spin and Fly TARDIS £12.99 - Out Now N/A
Spin and fly tardis3
2013 TARDIS Playset Rumoured  N/A N/A
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Each timezone can be connected together to form one giant playset in which a 

Spin and Fly TARDIS can be placed in the middle and spun to different timezones to signify space and time travel.


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